Tiny Tumblers

Tiny Tumblers is designed to help children become more independant and self sufficient. Mum or Dad can sit back and watch from the sidelines. Children will learn to listen, follow directions and take turns with other children, while developing their gross motor and gymnastic skills using a circuit style course. Children will develop balance, coordination and spatial awareness as well as learn the foundational gymnastics skills appropriate to their age through fun play. This class will have loads of fun and music while introducing the concept of lining up and waiting for turns at each of our circuits activities appropriate to their age. This is a structured class run by a qualified coach. 


Ages 2 - 5 years



Shining Stars

This class is a combination class designed to add more variety. It combines the art of gymnastics from the Tiny Tumblers class with a touch of dance, music and rhythm thrown in for added variety. 


Ages 2- 5 years




Recreational (Rockets)

Recreational gymnastics is a non-competitive program for those that are new to the sport or perhaps want to develop their skills in a non competitive format. Our recreational gymnastics programs are run in age categories and the skill level is adapted according to each childs ability by the qualified coach. This is a structured program working with all apparatus to develop their skill level, flexibility, strength and coordination.  Our coaches will also work with the recreational groups to build confidence and personal achievement. 


Junior Rockets (5 to 6 years old)
Mini Rockets (6 to 7 years old)

Senior Rockets (8 years and over)




Gymstar Levels 1 - 6+

The Gymstar program allows gymnasts to  develop their gymnastics skills in a fun and relaxed environment and to put these skills into routines which they can perform at fun competitions throughout the year. 

Participants are selected for this program as a result of their gymnastic ability, and often quick progression through the recreational programs or have a background in gymnastics, dance or acro. Undertaking competitive programs involves an increase in training hours to focus on correct technique, body shapes and specific routines on specific pieces of apparatus.



The Gymstar program commences at level 1 and goes through to level 10.  




Our Fusion program has grown very popular since we commenced offering it in 2017. This program combines the floor elements of gymnastics with choregraphed dance moves to create a group display. The children along with the coach choregraph the performance combining varying dance moves with gymnastics skills. This class encourages free expression and creativity in a team environment. This class is a great one for those who love lots of disciplines as it links gymastics, dance, acro and cheer into one masterful performance. This class will also have the opportunity to attend compeitions. 


Ages: 6+ years




 Team Gym


Team Gym is new to Acrofun in 2018 and is set to be a very popular class.  Participants use the floor, mini trampolines and tumble track to develop skills and routines.  As the name implies, participants work as a team in their routines, which are also to music. With teams of 6 or more particpants work together to choregraph their perfomances drawing on the strengths of each individual.  This is also a competitive program. 


Acrofun will be offering Team Gym the following groups:
Team Gym Junior: Ages 6 to 10 year
Team Gym Senior: Ages 11 and over




Boys Free G


Freestyle gymnastics includes stunt, tricks and parkour style training with an emphasis on freedom and individuality to express yourself. Ideal for boys but the girls love it too.

Ages: 11+ years







This program is designed for those who are advanced enough for a competitive program but not wanting to compete. Acrofun will be offering Superstar programs in two levels.


Superstars Junior: Appropriate to those in Gymstar 1 or 2

Superstars Senior: Apprpriate to those in Gymstar 3 and over




Women's Artistic Gymnastics (ALP) Levels 1 - 5


Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is a competitive class for girls who want to pursue high levels of gymnastics. Gymnasts in these classes compete in competitions around Victoria. Acrofun offers classes for girls for levels 1-4. The routines that gymnasts will learn are set by Gymnastics Australia and are used nationwide. Girls compete on four apparatus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor.


By Invitation Only